Relaunch Website
Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin (DSO)

The DSO Homepage is the important part of the online appearance. Here we want to inspire the user with lots of images and emotions. For those who already know what they want, a quick access directly to the ticket. (Image – Emotion – Inspiration) The concert calendar is the heart of DSO’s online presence. Here we want the visitor through a clear, reduced design! The full overview of all concerts. (Clarity – Overview – Speed)

Interest based, intuitive user interface: #hashtags at entry level link new contexts and thus offer fast.

Access to user-relevant concerts and content (On-Page Content Marketing). Hashtags are used as fast-moving inserts: important and publicly effective categories on the homepage prominently positioned. The hashtags lead to dynamic theme pages where the user can see everything on a topic, e.g. Casual Concerts, takes place: Explanation, concert dates, content.

With a filter, the user has the possibility to change the page without changing pages. Concert and thus quickly to the desired ticket offer.

Work for Preuss und Preuss
Pitch 2016