Enter at own risk – Risiko und Glück

According to Aristotle, all people are looking for happiness. But how to be happy? And what is the good life? No risk, no fun?

Maybe this book can give an answer to these questions. The content of the book are often forgotten wisdoms of life and wise thoughts of well-known persons of contemporary history on the subject of risk and luck:
e.g. Novalis, Fjodor Dostojewski, Friedrich Dürrenmatt, Paul Watzlawick, Reinhold Messner or Rocko Schamoni.

Not a normal book format is suitable for search of happiness. Therefore, „Enter at own risk“ is an experimental book.

With the resources of pop art, it tries to exhaust design limits and overcome. Strictly geometric shapes, contrasts and bright, flashy colors define the overall impression. The oversize format is therefore also means for the purpose.

240 pages, extra large format: 11.4 x 15 zoll, softcover, edition of 10

• German Design Award (Nominee)
• Designpreis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (Nominee)
• Joseph Binder Award (Nominee)
• Art Award Sparkasse Nürnberg
• Die Schönsten deutschen Bücher, Stiftung Buchkunst (Shortlist)